Kantha FAQ

1.Q) What is a Kantha Throw?

1.A) A Kantha Throw is a hand-made 100% reprocessed cotton quilt made from the Indian Sari Dress.

2.Q) What can I expect when I order a Kantha Throw; are they all the same?

2.A) No. Colors, patterns, patches & stitching vary as each is a unique one-of-a-kind handmade item of cultural art.

3.Q) I ordered an [X] colored throw but the one that arrived is not [X], it is [Y].

3.A) Kantha throws do not come in standard colors. We try to group them the best we can according to color categories; however, this is unfortunately only a vague way to describe the far differentiating beauty of each unique Kantha Throw.

4.Q) What are the color categories your Kantha Throws come in?

4.A) The color categories are:

1 - Reds: The red category can range from red, to pink and purple.

2 - Blue: The blue category may incorporate Aqua tones, Purples and Turquoise

3 - Green: The green category is predominantly green with variations towards earth tones.

4 - Yellow: The yellow category is predominantly yellow and may vary to orange.

5 - Neutral: Neutral colors are mainly earth tones, but may incorporate any other faded/neutral colors we believe would fit in most-any room or outing situation.

5.Q) Every color category states it is color [X]Multi, what does this mean?

5.A) All Kantha throws incorporate multiple colors into their design. India boasts a colorful culture and this is evident in these authentic Kantha Throws. Multiple Saris are stitched together to make a single Kantha Throw. Though we organize the throws based on the 5 color categories, other colors may be present, either in a pattern, stitching or actual fabric color.

6.Q) My Kantha Throw looks old and faded.

6.A) All our Kantha Throws are authentic vintage hand-made products of India. A faded look is not only normal, it is also one of the desirable qualities of this product brought about by years of use and washing of the Sari.

7.Q) My Kantha Throw looks used and/or dirty.

7.A) All our Kantha Throws are vintage Indian handmade products. They are made from reprocessed 100% cotton Sari dresses. As such they are, in retrospect, used. However, each Sari has been washed and has not been used in its Kantha Throw form.

8.Q) I ordered multiple Kantha Throws but they are not the same size.

8.A) We do try our best to ensure a standard is maintained, however, given the nature of the product we cannot guarantee that all Kantha Throws will be one size; this is in no small part due to the sizes of the reprocessed Sari dresses ranging.

9.Q) Are there any environmental/community benefits to Kantha Throws?

9.A) Yes! All our Kantha Throws are sourced from India, where their sale benefits the women artists who make them in one of the most disadvantaged areas in the world: Bangladesh. Furthermore, because they are 100% reclaimed/recycled cotton from the Sari dresses, they benefit the environment too!